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The Different Kind of Firework

A different kind of firework is a piece about the destructive power of patriarchy; in general but mostly here, over young girls.

Due to social constructs and expectation resulting from the ruling patriarchy, a lot of girls if not most of them grow up with a false representative picture of what a woman should look and act like. This overpowering imagery is of a skinny plastic woman, who is weak mentally and physical and depends on a man to survive.

Therefore, in order to rebel against this misogynistic representation, the teenage girl decides that she is going to be “different”. She goes on for years believing that she is not like other girls because she is tough, strong, respects herself and is not friends with other girls. She starts by chain smoking at the age of 15. She dresses provocatively and exclusively in dark colours. She hangs out with boys only, and is attracted to forces herself to attract older man mostly, because she is a rebel. She subconsciously nourishes the patriarchal pedophilia inflicted on her, just so she would stand out as opposed to the submissive, weak girly girl dressed in pastel colours.

As she reaches adulthood, this self inflicted behaviour starts nibbling her from the inside out as she has no friends to rely on and no one identifying as female around her to help her grow into womanhood.

This is the point where her throat chakra explodes as she starts speaking up and realises that she is the most powerful and fiercest when surrounded by the women she rejected/refused to be.

cigarette head sculpture
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