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Face sculpture; gold dust sculpture

This work originates from some co-working sessions between Joseph and I where we were both experimenting with sculpting materials such as clay, plaster and alginate.

Throughout our experimentations we realised that we were excellent as a team working together, and this is how Osmosis was born.

Osmosis is a collaborative sculpture made by Joseph Ijoyemi 

and myself.

Osmosis is about the duality between the masculine and feminine in the human body. It is a materialisation of the spiritual belief that male and female energy are meant to work together, in symbiosis to achieve their optimum energetic capacity.

According to hinduism, the God Shiva-Shakti, the most powerful form of energy to exist, is half male, Shiva and half female, Shakti.

Somehow, Osmosis is our contemporary take to Shiva-Shakti. 

Size: 79 x 121 cm

Materials: Plaster, wood, shellac, gold, copper and metal powder

Somehow, the philosophy of this work was perfectly translated in our synergy in making this work together. We shared the tasks equally at each and every step of the way to produce a work that we can now both call ours.

joseph ijoyemi
face sculpture
naistini valaydon
face sculpture; valaydon; ijoyemi
Safehouse 1 - Peckham

Osmosis was made public for the time during the Graduate Diploma 20/21 group exhibition "I'm Ready to Dance Again". 

This exhibition was held in Safehouse 1 in Peckham. This group show was a way to break free from the third lockdown, and celebrate our art. Relatively speaking, having Osmosis showcased in such context was also a way for us to break free from the social stigmas of the female being completely dissociated from the male.

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