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Double i
Overlapped portrait; portrayal of suffering

Double i is a piece of work that intends to break barriers between gender polarities.
It adresses to all but mostly to the people who have been suffering for their physical and mental differences. It is a call for empowerment and self appreciation for us people to realise that being different does not mean to be wrong.
The project primarily showcases aspects of androgyny and baffling cross dressing
where femininity and masculinity are merged together, forming a genderless
silhouette that is nothing else but human above all.
This sequence of pictures was first inspired by the artist’s own physical disorder which is, hirsutism; a condition that comes from an excessive generation of androgens in the body, resulting in consequent growth of male hair pattern.
Therefore, Double I is also a mean to raise awareness about a condition that touches17% of women around the world and yet is still being frowned upon by society for not being physically conforming to the majority.

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