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Artist Statement

Naïstini Valaydon is a Mauritian multidisciplinary artist based in Paris.
Her work explores the human condition and psychology through a complex exploration of the
human body, behaviour and mind. She makes use of photography, film and installation as primary
visual languages to translate her ideas.


Being from Indian descent, born and bred in an African country and having lived in multiple
European cities, her experiences and process of self reflection have led her to persistently question
the position of the woman, especially of colour in globalized, Americanized and Europeanized


Through her art practice she addresses issues related to the colonization and decolonization of the
body and the soul. What it means and how to be a woman according to the laws of nature; how the
female body and energy were meant to function as opposed to the male body and energy for which
this misogynistic patriarchal society is designed to function.
Therefore a recurring examination in her works is, how to exist and to co-exist in this current


Naïstini’s artworks are known to be very visceral and provocative as she makes use of her personal
experiences and own body most of the time, which provides her work with authenticity and
relatability. Her practice aims at creating a cathartic release in the audience, opening a dialogue,
starting a conversation and allowing the audience to acknowledge the facts and reality a lot of us live
in, which is the first step towards change.


Naïstini uses the contemporary art scene as a terrain for activism as it is a place where the
unspeakable, the philosophical and the political ideas can meet and be discussed visually, but not


2021-2022, MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London


2020-2021, Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London


2017-2020, Bachelors Degree in the Science of Communication, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord


2019, Second year of Bachelors Degree in Photography and Music Technology, Coventry University (Erasmus)


July 2024, Conversation, group show curated by the Fonds de Dotation Opéra Art Collection, Galerie Mona Lisa, Paris


June 2023, In The Mood For Love, music release party for the artist Maè, Temple of Arts & Music, London


March 2023, Hysterical, group show curated by Eliza Hatch & Bee Illustrates, Bermondsey Project Space, London

December 2022, Nowadays, group show, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Florence


September 2022, Handle With Care, group show curated by Mackenzie Montgomery & Clara Greenfield, Cookhouse Gallery,  London

July 2022, MAFA Degree Show, group show, Chelsea College of Arts, London

March - April 2022, Le Patriarcat Passe à la Casserole, group show, l'Atelier Marthe, Paris

March 2022, Fine Ants, group show, Cookhouse Gallery,  London


February 2022, you Don't own Me, group show curated by Aida Paloma & Alina Savina, Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, London

November 2021, Root, MAFA 21-22 group show, Cookhouse Gallery, London

November 2021, Creatives of London City Island, group show, Lighthouse Gallery, London


June 2021, Open Studios, Graduate Diploma 20/21 group show, Chelsea College of Art, London


May 2021, I'm Ready To Dance Again, Graduate Diploma 20-21 group show, Safehouse 1 & 2, London


April 2021, Can't Touch That photography exhibition, Cookhouse Gallery, London


January 2020, Double i photography exhibition, Blacksheep Bar, Paris


March 2019, Digital Exhibition, group show with LAHAD and the Bushwick Community Darkroom, Brooklyn, New York


March 2019, Exposure Festival, group show, Coventry Market, Coventry

Art Fair

Mobu International Art Fair  2023, Bucharest, represented by Danuser & Ramirez Gallery


50 Artists to Watch: 2023 Edition by the Florence Contemporary Gallery, 2023


Artist Interview with the Florence Contemporary Gallery, 2023

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