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Artist Statement

Naïstini Valaydon is a Mauritian multi-disciplinary artist based in London. She works with several mediums, mainly photography, sculptures and installations. Her work focuses on the human condition and psychology through intricate body exploration. Her approach comes with the principle intent to militate for feminism, pro-sex feminism and the representation of women in the modern society. 


She chooses her medium of work for each artwork in relation to the message intended to be transmitted. This is the case to assure a certain authenticity in her doing.

For instance, when a particular piece is about the human being, connected to nature, she uses living materials such as plants to bring a sculpture to life instead of it being solely an object. The way she chooses to showcase her work has also to do with her message. Presentation matters for her work to speak directly to its public, which makes any of her creations an art installation in making it public.

To go back to the idea of authenticity in her work, Naïstini also tends to use her personal life as a field of research. She digs into events of her own life which allows her work to be presented with a very personal appeal to which all can relate.


The reason why Naïstini works on such themes and in such process is because she uses her art as a terrain for activism. Each and every topic she approaches comes with the intention to fight a certain battle and to educate the people about human conditions. She chose such approach as she strongly believes that the contemporary art scene is the most appropriate one to speak about public issues. Contemporary art is about a philosophical and political idea being discussed visually.

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