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Handle With Care
In September I was part of the exhibition Handle With Care, curated by Clara Greenfield & Mackenzie Montgomery from the Sotheby's Intitute of Art. 
This exhibition featured Coco Warner-Allen, Aleksander Naerbo, Shujing Huang and myself.

Link to an article about the exhibition.

I seized the opportunity of this exhibition to revisit my piece Take Me Home.
I made it this time into an immersive experience.

Florence Contemporary Gallery

In November 2022 I applied to an open call for an online exhibition with the Florence Contemporary Gallery. I have been selected for the exhibition which will go live early January 2023.  Along with this exhibition I have been offered to be featured on their website for the whole of 2023. This involves being included in their artist catalogue, having a page dedicated to my work and offered to have my work available for sale.

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