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Stitch & Bitch

Stitch & Bitch is a workshop ran through Creaming Strawberries.
It is a creative workshop that is meant to allow the participants to express their feelings and thoughts in a safe space. A space free of judgement, stigma or shame regardless of one’s gender. While learning new techniques of embroidery, the participants will be given the appropriate space and time to talk freely which will hopefully allow them to feel less alone in their battle, reflect on their feelings and hopefully feel more empowered with the support of a powerful group of creatives.

In October 2022 we ran 2 workshops at Chelsea College of Arts with the first year MAFAs.

Stitch & Bitch workshop

This workshop lead me to start expperimenting more with needle work.
Between August and November 2022 I have been experimenting mostly with crochet. I learned a variety of crochet stitches and techniques to involve patterns in. I also started a tapestry project in October that I had to put on hold indefinitely due to a wrisst injury because of the crochet.

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